Push your Python and DevOps skills to the next level

Tired of lagging behind concepts like cloud native, infrastructure and modern Python? Learn how to build production ready applications, improve the reliability of your systems and bump up your Python skills.

Bridging the gap between "Hello world" and real-world applications.

Writing software is hard, architecting complex system is even harder and "Hello World" examples will only get you so far.

That's why we have a really practical approach with what we teach, using examples drawn directly from the systems we have built.

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What else?

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Real-world scenarios

All courses touch exercises and hands-on sessions meant to replicate real-world scenarios.

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Online material

You can follow the courses at your own pace. With the live training you will get access to the recorded version.

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Modern tools

We use and teach modern tools. They'll improve your day to day experience and increase your baggage of knowledge.

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Wisely updated

Tech is a fast changing enviroment, though we are always open for new things we carefully select and filter everything we teach.

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Discord channel

You'll get access to a private discord channel where you can receive support, ask questions and get to know the other participants.

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Q&A session

We love answering questions. Live training includes multiple Q&A sessions and for the recorded courses feel free to send us a tweet. No promises but we will do our best to answer!